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    Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
    8:08 pm
    Almost finished my first unit of my community educator course and enrolments open for unit tomorrow. Hopefully I get in and can start next year.

    In unrelated news the small dude has been foul today, hitting, kicking and pinching. He also bit my boob for no apparent reason.
    Saturday, July 5th, 2014
    12:40 pm
    Managed to pass the lab report this semester with a mark of 52%. This means I have a tentative final grade of 64%. Hopefully my maths is right and I can finally pass this bloody subject.
    Sunday, December 29th, 2013
    8:45 am
    I was doing really well with my bioscience unit until I kinda didn't do the final assignment. I got an F. I'm going to redo the unit this semester though and go for mid-year entry for my BNURSE
    Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
    4:54 pm
    I was hoping for a D this semester but I got an HD, you can't do much better than that.
    Sunday, July 7th, 2013
    4:33 pm
    Semester 2 2013
    I've got my unit outline for this semester, but I can't get much done until the 22nd of this month when I can log into learnline and get my study guide and my weekly plan.
    This semester my assessments are as follows

    5% Week 3 Online quiz
    5% Week 5 Online quiz
    5% Week 7 Online quiz
    35% Week 8 Online exam
    5% Week 9 Online blog 500 words on a research article on heart rate or blood pressure
    5% Week 10 Online blog 500 words on my hypotheses for my experiments
    5% Week 12 Draft due for my lab report 4 experiments 2500 words total
    35% Week 14 Final report for lab report, see week 12 for details

    I really wish I could log in earlier than the 22nd as I've now got 15 days where I could be working on this stuff instead of just reading my textbook and doing the questions in that.
    Saturday, June 22nd, 2013
    3:08 pm
    Got my tentative result back for bioscience today
    My final results were
    Assignment 1 94%
    Assignment 2 95%
    Assignment 3 92%
    Final Exam 82%

    Total 90.75%

    I think that's ok seeing as I'm also the parent of a 3 yr old and I work 3 days a week.
    Friday, June 21st, 2013
    4:17 pm
    I bought the textbook for Bioscience today for just under $60.00AU on ebay today. From the Uni bookstore it's over $140.00AU.
    I'm also looking at about $2,500 for all compulsory books. I think my paypal account is going to be getting a workout.
    Saturday, June 15th, 2013
    4:19 pm
    Probably should start using this again.
    Ok here we go.
    The most boring journal entry ever, it shall be updated occasionally as I am using it to keep myself accountable for my studies.
    I am going to
    Finish my bridging course
    Get my Certificate 4 in breastfeeding counselling
    Get my Certificate 4 in breastfeeding education
    Get my Bachelor of nursing.

    Bridging course
    Academic language and learning Credit
    Foundation Mathematics High Distinction
    Computing at a tertiary level Distinction

    Certificate 4 in breastfeeding counselling

    Certificate 4 in breastfeeding education

    Bachelor of nursing
    Cultural Intelligence and Capability (compulsory)
    Academic Literacies
    Psychosocial Nursing
    Fundamentals of Primary Health Care
    Introduction to Professional Nursing
    Fundamental Nursing Practice
    Anatomy and Physiology 1
    Anatomy and Physiology 2
    Health Sociology
    Mental Health Nursing
    Challenge and Response to Body Integrity 1

    Lifespan Development
    Challenge and Response to Body Integrity 2
    Nursing Practice 1
    Nursing Practice 2
    Research and Evidence-based Health
    Public Health Challengers in Chronic and Complex Nursing
    Nursing in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Settings
    Clinical Nursing Practice 1 
    Clinical Nursing Practice 2
    Professional Nursing 1
    Professional Nursing 2

    Maternal Health and Paediatric Care
    Emergency Nursing

    This is going to take a while I think, I also need to travel for residential school and maybe placements.
    Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
    12:11 pm
    stolen from rameshki
    How Bad Are You? How many have you done?

    1) smoked (cigs)

    2) consumed alcohol

    3) slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex

    4) slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex

    5) made out with someone of the opposite sex

    6) made out with someone of the same sex

    7) had someone in your room of the opposite sex

    17) cut yourself

    18) hurt someone

    19) wished someone to die

    20) seen someone die

    TOTAL: 9

    21) missed curfew

    22) stayed out all night

    23) eaten a carton of icecream by yourself

    24) been to a therapist

    25) been to rehab

    26) dyed your hair

    27) recieved a ticket

    28) been in a wreck

    29) been to a club

    30) been to a bar

    TOTAL: 7

    31) been to a wild party

    32) seen the Mardi Gras

    34) had a spring break in Florida

    35) sniffed anything

    36) wore black nail polish

    37) wore arm bands

    38) wore t-shirts with band names

    39) listened to rap

    40) own a 50 cent cd

    TOTAL: 6

    41) dressed gothic

    42) dressed prep

    43) dressed punk

    44) dressed grunge

    45) stole something

    46) been to drunk to remember anything

    47) blacked out

    48) fainted

    49) had a crush on your neighbor

    50) had someone sneak into your room

    TOTAL: 6

    51) snuck into some else's room

    52) had a crush on someone of the same sex

    53) been to a concert

    54) dry humped someone

    55) been called a slut

    56) called someone a slut

    57) installed speakers in your car

    58) broke a mirror

    59) showered at someone of the opposites sex's house

    60) brushed your teeth with someone elses toothbrush

    TOTAL: 8

    61) consider ludacris your favorite rapper

    62) seen an R rated movie in theaters

    63) cruised the mall

    64) skipped school

    65) had an eating disorder

    66) had an injury

    67) gone to court

    68) walked out of a resteraunt without paying

    69) caught something on fire

    70) lied about your age

    TOTAL: 7

    71) owned an apartment

    72) cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend

    73) cheated with someone

    74) got in trouble with the police

    75) talked to a stranger

    76) hugged a stranger

    77) kissed a stranger

    78) rode in the car with a stranger

    79) been sexually harrassed

    80) been verbally harrassed

    TOTAL: 8

    81) met face to face with someone you met online

    82) stayed online for 12 hours straight

    83) talked on the phone for more than 6 hours straight

    84) watched tv for 12 hours straight

    85) been to a fair

    86) been called a bad influence

    87) cursed

    88) prank called someone

    89) laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex

    90) cheated on a test

    TOTAL: 10

    91) cheated on homework

    92) held hands with someone of the opposite sex

    93) been pushed into a pool

    94) played pool

    95) watched 5 hours of mtv straight

    96) had a crush on someone 10 years older than you

    97) had a crush on someone younger than you

    98) wear eyeliner

    99) skinny dipped

    100) laughed at someone who was seriously hurt

    TOTAL: 8


    10-20= goodie goodie

    21-30= a little rebelious

    31-40= getting hot baby

    41-50= rebel

    51-60= bad girl/boy

    61-70= bitch

    71-80= we cant believe u made it this far!!!!!

    81-90= damn

    91-100= fucking bad ass
    Thursday, October 20th, 2005
    10:13 am
    I've decided to start using my journal now. Went to boree regatta on the weekend at cronulla and had a heap of fun. I was asked to become a venuter leader by one of the guys there. 2 of the venturers hooked up with 2 of the rangers but not much happened. There was also a guy there that I would've got with if it weren't for a few things. A I'm getting married in less than 6 weeks B he's 17 and I'm 25.

    Today I've had 1 cob of corn and 1 schooner of diet coke.

    My other half also has a cold so I cant sleep cause you can hear his coughing throughout the house.

    Current Mood: tired